Cardignis Lent  calendar 2013Youtheme Youthwork Agency and Cardignis would like to present you with a small tool, that might be of help, to make this Lent a more meaningful one, for you or anyone you might want to share it with. In any case, make sure to put it aside if it hinders your focus on the opportunity of Lent to be what it should be – a moment of conversion and renewal!

For us at Youtheme Youthwork Agency, Palm Sunday this year will be of particular significance. We will officially launch our youthwork agency. On this special event we are putting a special focus on one of youtheme’s projects Cardignis International, a training agency with the purpose of Awakening, Sustaining and Energising Young People, towards the Integration of Life and Faith.

Cardignis is important to us, because it reminds us of our roots in youth ministry, and the Gospel values that we keep at the heart of Youtheme. Whilst providing training, Cardignis will also pass all its profits towards the mission of the International Co-ordination of Young Christian Workers (ICYCW-CIJOC). In fact, going back to the lenten calendar, you might also want to make Cardignis and the missions of the ICYCW, the benficiary of your personal collection box (which you will be invited to create if you follow the calendar). However feel free, we know there is a lot of blessed work going on out there and we appreciate that you might want to support them too.

Thus, while wishing you a blessed Lent, should you like to know more about Youtheme Youthwork Agency, or any of its sectors, including Cardignis, please do feel free to contact us!

You can download free copies of this calendar from our facebook page, or Otherwise you can send us an email and we will send you a copy by email or post.

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Welcome to Cardignis…online!

Welcome to the online window into the Cardignis International Institute.

Inspired by the experience of having been members of the Young Christian Workers (YCW) movement and knowing how it changed our lives for the better, we often find ourselves facing a very important question:  What is the calling of the YCW today?

Leaving space for a younger generation is a natural process in the YCW, but the question needs to continue being asked not only by the new leaders in the YCW, but indeed also by each and every one of us in our mission to take our mission beyond the YCW, and into our own realities as adult workers.

We know that the YCW experience is one that makes us all participants in making the world a better place, inspired by the Truth of Faith.  In meeting so many YCW colleagues around the world we realise it’s not just us!  And we feel compelled to share the great method of the Review of Life where we train ourselves to See our realities, Judge them in the light of the gospel and Act as disciples of the Lord’s work; a very good tool for young people and the church alike to move towards His mission for us all.

Thus Cardignis.

Thus our invitation to  all past members of the YCW movements, their families, friends and work colleagues who experienced something different happening  happening, and anybody who wants to share our mission: Awakening, Sustaining & Energising Young People.

Contact us!  Let us know what you think!  How we can work together?  It might be just a small matchstick you can offer but, put in the right place, it will keep the fire alive and indeed make it stronger!

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